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Removing and Rebonding Windscreens

Have you noticed your windscreen is loose at the top? Have you experienced water ingress and/or water collecting in the footwells of the car? One of the most common causes for this issue is the glue breaking down at the top of the windscreen! We commonly have found issues in:

Range Rover Evoques

Ford Focus

Some Volvos

If you are experiencing this issue we will test your vehicle free of charge, then give you a no obligation quote to remove and rebond the windscreen (depending on the vehicle/ condition of the windscreen). Contact us now, before the water causes any damage to your vehicle's electronics!


Please note, all windscreens are removed at the owner's risk. We have a very high success record, and we will warn you if the windscreen does not look in the best shape to remove and rebond, but there is always a chance the windscreen can crack.